Peppermint Twirls Goats Milk Soap

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Product Description

Our milk bars are made using the milk from our happy pet goats. We share the milk with the kids.

Goat milk makes these bars extra creamy and gentle suited even to the most sensitive skin and they may be able to sooth irritate skin too.

Everyone’s skin is different so we always recommend you test our soaps on a small patch first to see how your skin likes our soaps.


If you love big bubbles and a creamy soap, this one is for you!

Scented with peppermint and bergamot essential oils, these bars are gentle and soothing made with organic coconut oil and our happy goats’ milk.

As you use them, more of the colours of the twirls will be revealed for a fun ever-changing look.

Other ingredients include: local olive oil, fair trade shea butter, castor oil, almond oil, sustainable palm oil, avocado oil, sunflower oil, activated charcoal, micas, clays and essential oils, sodium hydroxide, oatmeal, wheatgrass, filtered rain water, homegrown herbs and infusions.

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